Back To The Drawing Board.

Back in August, I wrote a very personal blog stating how I needed to fall back and take a break with the overall operation of Laver Entertainment. As the blog hit my followers, I immediately received some resistance. I had my loyal customers asking WHY? They understood but didn’t want me to give up capturing their memories. As we came to the end of the 2018 season I decided to photograph a family that has used me multiple times in the past. I then had one wedding left for the year. In my mind that was the END! I was ready to cancel everything, shut down my sites etc. My second photographer always made comments to me stating he knew I could never walk away. Well, it’s 2019 and what is the verdict. He was correct, I can’t just walk away. My last customer told me that nobody likes a quitter. What I am doing for myself and for my business is taking on what I can and not what think I can. I will not have a set availability. I am sticking to my family first policy. If my customers inquire about a session, I will do my best to accommodate the request but solely based on my free time. Now for the big news!  I have officially moved into my new home office and photo studio space. Yes, that’s what I mean by back to the drawing board. In the past, I have done some traveling home studio sessions and or had a small studio set up in my old home. I am officially set up to do some studio work if my clients if they request it. The main purpose for this choice is to accommodate those that do not want to spend a lot on a full session. This is a quick and cheaper choice to utilize Laver Entertainment Photography. Additionally, it allows Laver Entertainment to photograph customers during the winter months and or inclement weather. There are no set studio hours at this time, this will be as requested and availability bookings. For more information on our studio sessions and prices please CLICK HERE. To book your session please use the contact form below. Thank You

Changing Lanes

Our Blog 08/01/2018

Title: Changing Lanes.

For those that know me well, I like to compare things using analogies. So I’ll just shoot this out there hoping everyone can follow, then I’ll do some explaining.

13 years ago, Laver Entertainment was created while serving overseas in the military. When I came up with the idea of Laver Entertainment it was a slow moving vehicle cruising in the right lane.

For many years my business stayed steady in the middle lane. One day we took off going top speed in the left lane.

For the span of 10 years, I have connected with so many people. I have had the opportunity to photograph families, engagements, weddings and more.

I’ve had loyal and repeat customers. I am grateful for all my clients who gave me the opportunity to capture their memories.

So what is this blog about. It’s simple. I am switching lanes. It is time for Laver Entertainment to slow down and ride back in the right lane. This is what I’ve noticed about my business. “Memories” there are so many times I go through my session archives and enjoy all the memories I’ve captured.

There’s one folder that seems to be missing. My Family. I’m not talking about professional pics of my family. Everyone that follows me knows how many pictures I post of them on social media. I’m talking about my own in the moment memories.

Laver Entertainment has consumed a large chapter of my life. I’ve noticed there’s allot of time missing from my family. Some may not know but after an event or a session, long hours are spent behind the scenes editing.

I am my own artist. I have always been the primary photographer for each event. I don’t outsource my editing. Laver Entertainment is all me. This means for a single event I’ll spend weeks editing 1000s of photos.

So as a full time police officer, K9 Handler, husband, father of 3 with one more baby on the way it’s time to slow the pace.

What does this mean for Laver Entertainment and my clients. All completed projects for 2018 including weddings will of course be completed in a timely manner.

To all my brides, we have recently communicated. I ask for patience during the editing process. Laver Entertainment has photographed 3 weddings in the last month. I am editing each wedding in chronological order. I take pride in my work and do not want to rush your sessions. I know everyone is excited to see the outcome but quality editing takes some time. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

For my future brides of 2018. Obviously we are still beyond excited to capture your memories. We will not lack any passion for your event. Additionally your session will be edited with the same love I’ve always had for my photography.

As of August 1st. 2018 Laver Entertainment will not take on any new major events and or sessions. This includes weddings, engagements family outdoor sessions etc.

What will we be doing. Laver Entertainment will not shut our doors completely. We will still operate our photo booth portion of the business. The photo booth allows us to assign staff members to your event allowing more freedom and flexibility.

Additionally we will still offer indoor mini sessions using our green screen technology. Laver Entertainment can offer 1000s of digital backdrops for your mini session. These mini sessions will be ideal for Holiday cards and more. I will announce special events and mini sessions when that time comes.

Prior clients. All cloud links will expire effective immediately. There will not be an archive of your prior session. If you have paid for a copyright release and can provide a receipt for that purchase we will assist you in archiving your session.

If you can not provide proof of your prior purchase and or would like to purchase a copyright release, please contact us ASAP. If you have question or concerns please message me and we will handle each response case by case.

Current clients. Once I provide you with your cloud link, it will be active for short period allowing you to download and archive your images. The link will eventually expire. Again we will address each request as needed.

All prior contest winners and gift certificate holders must contact me in order to redeem and schedule your session prior to Jan 1st. 2019. All contest winners or certificates will expire on Jan 1st. 2019.

This decision comes with a heavy heart. I truly love photography but I need to stick by my family 1st policy. I will miss it and I’ll never forget the memories I have captured for you all. Again it’s not goodbye. We still have allot planned for the remaining of 2018 including photo booth specials and mini photography sessions.

Thank You

Christopher E. Laver

2017 + 1 = Hello 2018

March of 2017, I vowed to blog again for Laver Entertainment. Now I sit here in my office, watching the snow cover the ground. I realized it’s already December. Where has 2017 gone? 2017 has been a bittersweet year for Laver Entertainment. I admittedly took step back, became more selective with projects and literally stayed in slow motion up until the month of December. I started to realize that quality over quantity meant more for not only my business but my personal life. In my full time career, I consumed the first half of 2017 with training in order to accomplish my life goals. In mid 2017, I realized I was about to take on another journey of relocating my family and business to a new area. With all this on my plate, Laver Entertainment was neglected. There was a point where I made a decision to slow down the business and focus on my passion for photography as a hobby. As the months went on I received numerous requests for sessions. The referrals and compliments came in. I finally settled into my new office a few weeks ago and then it hit me! I was editing one of my last weddings and prepping their wedding album. Additionally I started to edit photos from my brothers wedding. My old business motto came to mind. “Share Your Memories” I must have scrolled through 100’s of photos realizing how many memories I’ve captured. I then looked back a few years on my hard drive. I literally was like wow! Not wow I’m a great photographer but wow look at all these memories! How can I walk away from this. How awesome is it that I have 3 future brides that have committed to allowing me the privilege of capturing their big day. Check out my bride and groom page. Bride and Groom. What’s even better is that the inquiry’s keep coming in. The great part about my business is that I am not overwhelmed and booked every weekend. I still have the passion to make it an art. I am the main photographer at every event. I edit all my own photos to my style. I am the one who preps the canvas, puts the paint and signs my name at the bottom. So what does this all mean for 2018. Well… it means allot. My home office is basically settled, allowing for me to meet with all of my clients. It allows me to efficiently work to get each session completed. I will be permanently operating out of the Hackettstown area. 2017 +1 = Hello 2018. I am beyond excited and looking forward to capturing as many memories as I can in 2018. The random photo above was shot by my 2nd photographer. I am always behind the lens and I enjoy when I get to see myself in action. I want to thank my loyal customers who have used me over the years. I am grateful for all the referrals. If you are interested in a consultation for your next event please use my contact page by visiting here: Contact. Please note that prices are subject to change in 2018. Additionally no session will be honored without a signed contract and a 50% Deposit received in full to secure your session date. Thank you for following Laver Entertainment. Watch out for more blogs as I capture the memories in 2018.

2 Years without blogging! New site and much more.

Wow, its been over two years since I’ve actually posted a blog with Laver Entertainment. This year we will go back to doing blogs for each event to highlight our experience with the clients and share session photos. Laver Entertainment has made changes with our photo package options and much more. Feel free to contact Laver Entertainment to book your next session. I will be coming up with some art related projects and will be looking for subjects to assist with these ideas. Please enjoy our new website layout. If you are a former customer of Laver Entertainment please leave us some feedback by visiting our testimonial page CLICK HERE. Thank You so much.


Christopher E. Laver


Love at The Jersey Shore

How can you not love the sun, the sand, the smell of salty water and a cool breeze to bring two amazing people together. Today I photographed such a beautiful beach wedding at Spring Lake Beach New Jersey. I am already excited to process and post the few sneak peeks. Congratulations to  Mr. and Mrs. Sillett. Thank you for allowing Laver Entertainment to capture your special day.

Mr. and Mrs. Sillett Sneak Peeks

Love by the Lake

Our second wedding of the season commenced on Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort, Lake Wallenpaupack. Jennifer and Joe were spectacular. I have had the honor to previously photographer these two love birds on several occasions. We have always worked well with each other. On this special day, we captured each and every precious moment. Jen looked stunning and Joe was the perfect groom. The night was amazing, it was filled with dancing guests and crazy lip sync battles. Thank you to another amazing bride and groom for allowing Laver Entertainment to capture your memories. Enjoy the previews and sneak peeks.

Jennifer and Joe’s Sneak Peeks

Jennifer and Joe’s Wedding Web Video

Wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air.

On May 2nd, 2015, I kicked off my wedding photography season with such an amazing wedding. A true fairy tale. I overheard many guests say the bride was her own Disney Princess. I couldn’t agree more. The groom, for sure was her knight and shining armor. I had the honor to meet Angela and her family sometime last year when she started her search for the perfect photographer. I am far from the perfect photographer. I did promise her to make the day special. I was not able to meet the groom. He was active in the military and deployed overseas. I was beyond excited from the time we started our first looks to the end of the night. The day was perfect. The weather was great, the bride was beautiful, the groom was dapper and the entire day was flawless. Thank you Angela and Joe for allowing Laver Entertainment to capture your memories. I hope you enjoy the finished products.

Visit these links to preview the sneak peek photos and video:

Angela and Joe’s Wedding Web Video

Sneak Peek Photos

Social media and photography with periscope

Good morning 

I am trying out a new social media platform.

It is called periscope. The app is connected through your Twitter account.

With this app I can broadcast nationally my photography journey. 

Although connecting with strangers is sometimes odd, it is amazing to meet people from all over the world.

I have connected with various artists, musicians, news anchors and celebrities. 

This is more or less FaceTime with the nation. Again I will be using this app to follow my photography journey. 

If you are interested, please follow me on my Twitter and periscope @LVRENTMNT or just search Laver Entertainment. 

I want to also open the option to the bride and grooms to broadcast to family and friends that may be to far to attend the special day. 

This broadcast can be strictly private and only those I allow can follow it. All they have to do is download the app and follow. Once I broadcast they can see the event. 

If you are interested please message me.

Photography Items For Sale

Out with the old and in with the new ! I am selling some of my older and or unused equipment and applying it to new equipment. Check out the Ebay Links for more information on each product.

Slowly climbing to 500

Numbers are numbers and I have never stressed about how many Facebook likes or website visits I get until now.

I never paid for traffic to be pushed to any of my sites. I started to notice many pages have thousands of followers.

So, on the note I need help to get Laver Entertainments Facebook Page over the 500 likes hump.

Share my page and like it if you have not ! Thank you for the support.

Chris Laver
Laver Entertainment
“Share Your Memories”

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Today’s photo session

In 2013, I had the opportunity to photograph Brooke and Teegan at Highpoint State Park. This photo session was set as a surprise for daddy. We had a blast and it was a perfect day to take photos. Check out the album to see that session click here

Moving on to today’s session. The Nikola Family invited me into their home today to photograph newborn Bradyn. He was absolutely perfect. We had a few feeding intermissions but he stayed calm as I snapped away.

It is such a pleasure and a constant reminder how lucky I am to capture these memories. I will be posting some sneak peeks tonight, So follow our blog and social media pages.


Laver Entertainment
“Share Your Memories”

The Blog Has Returned.

Last February 2013, Laver Entertainment was put on hold due to a personal injury and surgery. Upon my return, I revamped Laver Entertainments Website and removed the blog. This week I did some more tweaking to the page and decided to add the blog back. This time it will not be displayed on the main page. I love the portfolio sideshow displayed on the main page but still enjoy having the blog so I can connect with my customers. I have had many photo sessions that were not updated on this blog. At this point I don’t think it is necessary to add each separate link, so I will direct you to my portfolio and or our Facebook page. Thank You to our loyal customers for continuously coming back for photo sessions and referring me to new customers. I hope everyone enjoys my work and I ask that you go ahead and follow my blog and like our Facebook page. Also follow us on Twitter !

Thank You,

Christopher Laver

Laver Entertainment.

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V Day Photo Shoot


Laver Entertainment
Valentine’s Mini-Session has been set up for JANUARY 26TH 2014. (All Day Event, Appointment Only) see flyer for details ! Limited Props and Background will be provided. Any requests or customer props will be accepted. My studio space will be at the All Play LLC Indoor Playground located at (308 W Stiger St Hackettstown NJ 07840) All booked photo sessions will receive a discount coupon for playtime at the All Play Indoor Playground. This coupon can be used before or anytime after the session. Booked photo sessions are limited to the photo shoot studio space only * There is a additional charge for the use of the Indoor Playground. Please contact us to book your mini session or to ask us any questions.

Thank You
Laver Entertainment
Chris Laver