Back To The Drawing Board.

Back in August, I wrote a very personal blog stating how I needed to fall back and take a break with the overall operation of Laver Entertainment. As the blog hit my followers, I immediately received some resistance. I had my loyal customers asking WHY? They understood but didn’t want me to give up capturing their memories. As we came to the end of the 2018 season I decided to photograph a family that has used me multiple times in the past. I then had one wedding left for the year. In my mind that was the END! I was ready to cancel everything, shut down my sites etc. My second photographer always made comments to me stating he knew I could never walk away. Well, it’s 2019 and what is the verdict. He was correct, I can’t just walk away. My last customer told me that nobody likes a quitter. What I am doing for myself and for my business is taking on what I can and not what think I can. I will not have a set availability. I am sticking to my family first policy. If my customers inquire about a session, I will do my best to accommodate the request but solely based on my free time. Now for the big news!  I have officially moved into my new home office and photo studio space. Yes, that’s what I mean by back to the drawing board. In the past, I have done some traveling home studio sessions and or had a small studio set up in my old home. I am officially set up to do some studio work if my clients if they request it. The main purpose for this choice is to accommodate those that do not want to spend a lot on a full session. This is a quick and cheaper choice to utilize Laver Entertainment Photography. Additionally, it allows Laver Entertainment to photograph customers during the winter months and or inclement weather. There are no set studio hours at this time, this will be as requested and availability bookings. For more information on our studio sessions and prices please CLICK HERE. To book your session please use the contact form below. Thank You

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