Changing Lanes

Our Blog 08/01/2018

Title: Changing Lanes.

For those that know me well, I like to compare things using analogies. So I’ll just shoot this out there hoping everyone can follow, then I’ll do some explaining.

13 years ago, Laver Entertainment was created while serving overseas in the military. When I came up with the idea of Laver Entertainment it was a slow moving vehicle cruising in the right lane.

For many years my business stayed steady in the middle lane. One day we took off going top speed in the left lane.

For the span of 10 years, I have connected with so many people. I have had the opportunity to photograph families, engagements, weddings and more.

I’ve had loyal and repeat customers. I am grateful for all my clients who gave me the opportunity to capture their memories.

So what is this blog about. It’s simple. I am switching lanes. It is time for Laver Entertainment to slow down and ride back in the right lane. This is what I’ve noticed about my business. “Memories” there are so many times I go through my session archives and enjoy all the memories I’ve captured.

There’s one folder that seems to be missing. My Family. I’m not talking about professional pics of my family. Everyone that follows me knows how many pictures I post of them on social media. I’m talking about my own in the moment memories.

Laver Entertainment has consumed a large chapter of my life. I’ve noticed there’s allot of time missing from my family. Some may not know but after an event or a session, long hours are spent behind the scenes editing.

I am my own artist. I have always been the primary photographer for each event. I don’t outsource my editing. Laver Entertainment is all me. This means for a single event I’ll spend weeks editing 1000s of photos.

So as a full time police officer, K9 Handler, husband, father of 3 with one more baby on the way it’s time to slow the pace.

What does this mean for Laver Entertainment and my clients. All completed projects for 2018 including weddings will of course be completed in a timely manner.

To all my brides, we have recently communicated. I ask for patience during the editing process. Laver Entertainment has photographed 3 weddings in the last month. I am editing each wedding in chronological order. I take pride in my work and do not want to rush your sessions. I know everyone is excited to see the outcome but quality editing takes some time. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

For my future brides of 2018. Obviously we are still beyond excited to capture your memories. We will not lack any passion for your event. Additionally your session will be edited with the same love I’ve always had for my photography.

As of August 1st. 2018 Laver Entertainment will not take on any new major events and or sessions. This includes weddings, engagements family outdoor sessions etc.

What will we be doing. Laver Entertainment will not shut our doors completely. We will still operate our photo booth portion of the business. The photo booth allows us to assign staff members to your event allowing more freedom and flexibility.

Additionally we will still offer indoor mini sessions using our green screen technology. Laver Entertainment can offer 1000s of digital backdrops for your mini session. These mini sessions will be ideal for Holiday cards and more. I will announce special events and mini sessions when that time comes.

Prior clients. All cloud links will expire effective immediately. There will not be an archive of your prior session. If you have paid for a copyright release and can provide a receipt for that purchase we will assist you in archiving your session.

If you can not provide proof of your prior purchase and or would like to purchase a copyright release, please contact us ASAP. If you have question or concerns please message me and we will handle each response case by case.

Current clients. Once I provide you with your cloud link, it will be active for short period allowing you to download and archive your images. The link will eventually expire. Again we will address each request as needed.

All prior contest winners and gift certificate holders must contact me in order to redeem and schedule your session prior to Jan 1st. 2019. All contest winners or certificates will expire on Jan 1st. 2019.

This decision comes with a heavy heart. I truly love photography but I need to stick by my family 1st policy. I will miss it and I’ll never forget the memories I have captured for you all. Again it’s not goodbye. We still have allot planned for the remaining of 2018 including photo booth specials and mini photography sessions.

Thank You

Christopher E. Laver

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