2017 + 1 = Hello 2018

March of 2017, I vowed to blog again for Laver Entertainment. Now I sit here in my office, watching the snow cover the ground. I realized it’s already December. Where has 2017 gone? 2017 has been a bittersweet year for Laver Entertainment. I admittedly took step back, became more selective with projects and literally stayed in slow motion up until the month of December. I started to realize that quality over quantity meant more for not only my business but my personal life. In my full time career, I consumed the first half of 2017 with training in order to accomplish my life goals. In mid 2017, I realized I was about to take on another journey of relocating my family and business to a new area. With all this on my plate, Laver Entertainment was neglected. There was a point where I made a decision to slow down the business and focus on my passion for photography as a hobby. As the months went on I received numerous requests for sessions. The referrals and compliments came in. I finally settled into my new office a few weeks ago and then it hit me! I was editing one of my last weddings and prepping their wedding album. Additionally I started to edit photos from my brothers wedding. My old business motto came to mind. “Share Your Memories” I must have scrolled through 100’s of photos realizing how many memories I’ve captured. I then looked back a few years on my hard drive. I literally was like wow! Not wow I’m a great photographer but wow look at all these memories! How can I walk away from this. How awesome is it that I have 3 future brides that have committed to allowing me the privilege of capturing their big day. Check out my bride and groom page. Bride and Groom. What’s even better is that the inquiry’s keep coming in. The great part about my business is that I am not overwhelmed and booked every weekend. I still have the passion to make it an art. I am the main photographer at every event. I edit all my own photos to my style. I am the one who preps the canvas, puts the paint and signs my name at the bottom. So what does this all mean for 2018. Well… it means allot. My home office is basically settled, allowing for me to meet with all of my clients. It allows me to efficiently work to get each session completed. I will be permanently operating out of the Hackettstown area. 2017 +1 = Hello 2018. I am beyond excited and looking forward to capturing as many memories as I can in 2018. The random photo above was shot by my 2nd photographer. I am always behind the lens and I enjoy when I get to see myself in action. I want to thank my loyal customers who have used me over the years. I am grateful for all the referrals. If you are interested in a consultation for your next event please use my contact page by visiting here: Contact. Please note that prices are subject to change in 2018. Additionally no session will be honored without a signed contract and a 50% Deposit received in full to secure your session date. Thank you for following Laver Entertainment. Watch out for more blogs as I capture the memories in 2018.

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