The Blog Has Returned.

Last February 2013, Laver Entertainment was put on hold due to a personal injury and surgery. Upon my return, I revamped Laver Entertainments Website and removed the blog. This week I did some more tweaking to the page and decided to add the blog back. This time it will not be displayed on the main page. I love the portfolio sideshow displayed on the main page but still enjoy having the blog so I can connect with my customers. I have had many photo sessions that were not updated on this blog. At this point I don’t think it is necessary to add each separate link, so I will direct you to my portfolio and or our Facebook page. Thank You to our loyal customers for continuously coming back for photo sessions and referring me to new customers. I hope everyone enjoys my work and I ask that you go ahead and follow my blog and like our Facebook page. Also follow us on Twitter !

Thank You,

Christopher Laver

Laver Entertainment.

Click Here to check out some of my recent photo sessions.

Click Here to follow my social media pages.

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