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Are you curious who is behind the camera, the computer or the canvas? Here is a little about who I am. I started art as early as I can remember. I can go back to around the age of 3 to 5. I specifically recall a pencil drawing of the “Simpsons”. I fell in love with drawing and eventually attended art classes in (Hudson County) NJ. I have a faint memory but could not forget that one of the paint instructors was (BOB ROSS). For those that do not know who he is, Bob Ross was the Afro man that spotlighted on cable TV. He taught how to oil paint in each episode.

So for the most part, I continued my art passion throughout middle school and high school. I am definitely not my favorite artist, Pablo Picasso. Near the end of my Senior year in high school, I was accepted to the Art Institute of Florida. I never attended due to the last minute decision to join the Army.

So, throughout the years I have never completed any formal training, mostly self-taught the many different avenues of art. I created “Laver Entertainment” while serving overseas in Iraq 2005-06. I started to label all my photo and video projects. I learned with the simple touch of Photoshop, anyone could steal your work! I eventually geared my art and passion for photography.

I love to capture life moments. I hope to one day pick up the pencil and brush and get back to drawing and painting. So short and sweet that is a little about me and what “Laver Entertainment” is about! Please reach out to me through our website if you are interested in photo sessions or working together in any aspect. 

Thank You

Christopher Laver


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